Future Growth

Swisshouse has recently announced the opening of 2 new locations in the first and second quarter of2016, which will bring the total number of Swisshouse to 4 at western and central regions. Another newlocation has been signed and scheduled to open respectively at the last quarter of 2016 “Jizan” and 1stquarter of 2017 “Dhahran”. Construction is currently ongoing at the Swisshouse prince sultan street inJeddah, the store will to open to public at the end of January 2017. The openings of additionalSwisshouse restaurants under the title of Swisshouse Everywhere is a main part of UFCL’s expansionprogram, that includes new opening in Khobar, Haei’l and other areas to be everywhere in KSA coveringwestern, eastern and central regions and neighbor countries soon.

Expansion program includes opening new stores for the company’s restaurants and cafes concepts,named; Twist N’ Bite, Swiss Café during the year. Another new unique concepts is building up, wait forthe unexpected; new concepts.