Welcome. Your journey for great taste begins here.At Twist N’ Bite, the unique fresh burger,handcrafted silky shakes, crispy gold twisters loaded with melted cheddar, and a vibrant casualatmosphere let you feel a million miles from home, any day of the week. So sway with every bite,laughwith friends, twist the burgers and enjoy your time.

We char-grill our juicy beef burgers and golden fried chickenbreasts and serve them ina freshly baked potato buns with a light spread of secretly sauce, lettuce, tomato,pickles and melted cheddar cheese.

Our restaurant is fresh, funky and bold with an emphasis onquality and great service. Offering a relaxingcasual sit down meal or grab a takeaway. Come and experience the pleasure of 100% fresh ground beefand exceptional potato bread buns and shake it with one of our fresh made premium shakes. If you arelooking for variety, why not try our famous combo bites, add some extra cheddar molten cheese orstartwith one portion of golden plain twister.




There are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burgerat the Twist N’ Bite. Fast casual concept, with awarm and relaxing atmosphere & strong focus on guest’s service. We use only fresh groundbeef, dailynew cooking oil, fresh potato bread.


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