Company Overview

UFCL– United Franchises Company Limited was founded in June 2013 by Sheikh Fouad Khaled Al Jarboua, growing from a casual dining restaurant and cafe business in Medina to become one of leader companies in market within very short time due to the scale and diversity of UFCL’s operations grew apace, focusing on casual dining sector and trade opportunities. Today UFCL is committed to lead new levels of achievement, sharing a vision to be the largest multi business company in Saudi Arabia.

Realistically to achieve and value our vision & Corporate Social responsibility through our mission by setting up the short terms and long terms objectives and strategic decisions, we planned to build a parent company where multiple businesses can perform as concept of separate cost centers , said Sheikh Fouad Al Jarboua. UFCL planned to start and club multiple business sectors under the umbrella of United Franchises Company Limited, these includes but not limited to; Hospitality, Risk Management, Import & Export, Kitchen Equipment’s…

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